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Québec|Ontario, Canada


Alecia’s Soapery is founded in memory of our daughter, sister, granddaughter, and niece; Alecia Lambert.  In life, she valued the purity that nature provided, the authenticity of foods that benefited the mind, body and spirit and the wellness of a society that married these two core principles.  As an athlete, she made it her mission to challenge herself on the field and as a scholar, she aspired to understand the world around her so she could excel as a paramedic.  We lost Alecia in 2009 to SUDEP, a silent condition we knew nothing about.  Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy has since become a subject close to our hearts.  So, we searched for an avenue to pay tribute to her while raising awareness of SUDEP so others wouldn’t be left in the dark, as we had been.  Our search ended with Alecia’s Soapery, a business that is a testament to the clean living she admired and valued.  With her as our inspiration and in partnership with SUDEP AWARE in Toronto, we are developing a signature soap that promotes SUDEP AWARE and more importantly, raises research dollars so that families like ours are not left in the dark. We hope to showcase this soap on our media sites soon so please visit us often for updates. We invite you to go on  https://www.sudep.news/soap4sudep for more information!

In the meantime….

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"La force d'une équipe réside dans chaque membre. La force de chaque membre est l'équipe." 
-Phil Jackson